Must Read "Pieces of Me Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters" By Lizbeth Meredith

In 1994, Lizbeth Meredith said good-bye to her four- and six year-old daughters for a visit with their non-custodial father—only to learn days later that they had been kidnapped and taken to their father’s home country of Greece.

Twenty-nine and just on the verge of making her dreams of financial independence for her and her daughters come true, Lizbeth now faced a $100,000 problem on a $10 an hour budget. For the next two years—fueled by memories of her own childhood kidnapping—Lizbeth traded in her small life for a life more public, traveling to the White House and Greece, and becoming a local media sensation in order to garner interest in her efforts. The generous community of Anchorage becomes Lizbeth’s makeshift family—one that is replicated by a growing number of Greeks and expats overseas who help Lizbeth navigate the turbulent path leading back to her daughters.

Engaging, Eye Opening, Horrific True Story
This is a harrowing story about every mother’s worst nightmare. Lizbeth Meredith’s ex husband kidnaps her two daughters and takes them from Alaska to Greece. Lizbeth must find the strength and courage to go after them and fight to get them back. She must put her fears and low self worth behind her and take on the fight of her life. Getting her daughters back is all she can think of and all she can do
In this true story of one woman’s heart wrenching ordeal, we find that one can do more than expected when forced to save the lives of loved ones.

This story drew me in right from the very beginning. The things this woman must endure are more than any women could take. There is a lot of tension as she overcomes many obstacles and faces much resistance. It’s more than most people could endure. But with her children as her focus, she forges ahead.
It is an action packed book while Lizbeth faces danger and obstacles. With courage and perseverance she pushes ahead and fights the perspective governments to get her daughter's back. It seems that no matter what she does, there is resistance. But her hard work and continued struggle and persistence pays off as her children are finally returned to her.

The retelling of her story has to have been hard in itself.
But this story is excellently written as the author produces a clear picture of what her life was like and how she fought through thick and thin to live and to get her children back.
This was a tearjerker for me and I couldn’t put it down. I read it quickly, turning the pages in anticipation. The book is written with a clear voice and intent. This is a wonderful read. It is excellent in composition and written with a high standard of literacy.

If you love true stories and one that is full of action, emotion and anticipation with a heart wrenching plot filled with hope, then “Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters”
Is the book for you and you will not be disappointed. This is one astounding terrific book, that is far above most.


Must Read: Touch (Rosa DeAngelo, #1) By Casey Costra

In Staten Island’s Little Italy neighborhood, Rosa DeAngelo marries at 18, leaving behind her secret admirer, Tony Prezzi, who in turn marries his own pursuer. Domestic violence almost kills Rosa and does kill Tony's police wife. Their friends, family members and a new European touch therapy spa, Le Salon de l’Amour all try to help them find the next chapter of their lives. Neither can heal without touch, yet their paths to recovery leave them untouched and alone. Their responses create an abused women’s movement in Little Italy and beyond.
Enjoyable, Engaging and Delightfully Different
This is a romantic story about two people, Rosa DeAngelo and Tony Prezzi. Destined to be together, they each lead separate lives in the beginning. Rosa marries at a young age. Her husband turns out to be an abuser. Eventually Rosa leaves him. Meanwhile, Tony Prezzi marries also. But His wife, who is a cop, dies a hero in the line of duty. Will Rosa and Tony find each other, that is what is on the reader's mind. However, it will be a while.
Rosa learns of a european technique called touch therapy. Through that she experiences extraordinary healing and a new way of feeling. For the time being, Tony is working on his career. When will these two get together?
This story is heartfelt and endearing. It follows Rosa and Tony for over a decade as they grow and mature and find their way in the world.  I was drawn in from the very beginning. It touches on the serious issue of domestic abuse. But there is a lot of humor and lighthearted conversations and events.
Set in the New York Italian community, I reveled in the culture and the humorous characters.
This book is written extremely well. I was impressed with the writing and the simple smart manner that author Casey Costra wrote the characters and the plot. It flowed at a fast pace and held my interest throughout. The characters interactions and conversations with one another are meaningful and touch on important life subjects.
The storyline is unique and uncontrived . The touch therapy part is an unique exciting and meaningful idea. I really enjoyed the italian family and culture aspect which isn't a common theme, making this a unique story. I think that author Casey Costra wrote it very well. Sometimes writers write too many characters and then the storyline can be undefined. This one is an extremely well written story with excellent composition. Casey Costra is an outstanding writer.

Touch By Casey Costra is an interesting, sincere, sexy story of people that lead realistic lives. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to all readers that are looking for something different and exceptional. Click To Purchase "Touch" Now


"Revelations Incorporated Workplace Wisdom for the 21st Century" By Brian Ray

In today’s competitive job market, it takes more than just degrees, experience, and knowledge to succeed. College graduates are often shocked to learn the real truths about how business (both big & small), operates. The reality is that many individuals returning to work after many years are learning just how cut-throat the business environment can be.

Revelations Incorporated helps new college graduates, existing workforce personnel and those returning to work become prepared for experiences that may occur. These situations include hiring decisions, promotions, raises, and so much more. Readers will learn business survival skills, see examples of real business decisions & outcomes, and learn how to prepare themselves – socially and mentally – for the real world of business.

How does business really work? How do upper Management and Executives make decisions, and how can I brace myself for impact or deal with the effects? How can I prepare or even defend myself in such a seemingly chaotic environment?

You’re not the only one who has these questions and fears. Find out the real truths about business inside and discover the big difference between business and reality!

This is an informative book written from the personal experience of author Brian Ray. He is highly educated and comes from the point of true experience. Along with the knowledge of the corporate structure and pointing out  it’s negative nature, the author has created a self help book by giving the reader tips on how to survive such an environment.
It presents relevant and applicable understanding, insights and knowledge into the inner workings of the corporate workplace. Coming from extensive hands on experience, the author relates the trials and trouble that a large company employee can have. It is filled with wisdom and insight to help the worker to overcome and flourish in such an environment that sometimes can be hostile and difficult.

Revelations Incorporated: Workplace Wisdom For the 21st Century is well written and well formatted. It is a fairly easy read. It includes a wealth of knowledge for the employee of a large company. Not only does the reader learn about the negative forces in the workplace, but how to overcome them as well.

As the author points out, the corporate workplace can be hostile by nature.
So if you have faced troubles in the large company environment, you are not alone and this is the book for you. You will glean much knowledge and ideas to help you survive in the workplace. Author Brian Ray has extensive experience and breaks down the large company  structure and reveals the truth of what really goes on. He gives many tips to help any worker to survive and grow in the corporate world.

If you are struggling to get a leg up in the workplace, and want to find out the truth of what goes on behind the scenes, this book will help you find your way. After reading the book, I highly recommend it and the small investment will be well worth it’s weight in knowledge. It will help pave the way for smoother sailings in the corporate world.


"Without Wings Book One-To Save A Soul" By Thomas Joseph Beck

In a mob hit gone wrong, notorious gangster Nicky Vocci takes a bullet to save an innocent mother and child.
The next thing he knows, he wakes up in an auditorium with six female angels. Impressed with his dying act of sacrifice they offer him the opportunity to save his wretched soul. He must help the good angels fight the demon angels, by helping troubled humans. They send him back to earth with a new body and a new name: Daniel Peter. His mission: to save Lily Flowers. The demon angel named Insecurity is tormenting Lily, pushing her down a dark path filled with alcohol, drugs, and all the wrong men.
Daniel must help get her back on track, and convince her she is worthy of a good man namely Liam Patrick, a childhood friend of Lily's, philanthropist, and all-around good guy. Their falling in love will save her. There is one small problem: Liam can't stand Lily's new lifestyle or the company she's been keeping. For her own part, Lily thinks Liam has grown self-righteous and boring. Not to mention that if the demon angel Insecurity discovers who Daniel really is, he will destroy him.
Other than that, it's is a piece of cake
Nicky Vocci is a well know italian gangster. He is  thug and a merciless murderer.
He lives for himself and causes harm to many people. But in a turn of events, Nicky gives up his life to save a mother and child. He is then commissioned by a group of angels to intervene in the life of a young woman, Lily, and help save her from life’s circumstances and ultimately save her from death. The angels tell him that by saving her, he will in turn save himself. Will he be successful? That is the question that is on the reader's mind.

Without Wings-To Save A Soul is an interesting allegory type story. It is engaging and full of action. Nicky, whose name becomes Daniel in his new life, has the task of helping Lily overcome
Insecurity and find freedom from many tormenting feelings. He is also tasked to help Lily find love with the caring gentleman, Liam.
I thoroughly enjoyed Without Wings. I was drawn in by the fast paced story. It is intense and engaging. Being a story about a ruthless gangster, there is a lot of crime, murder and violence. But the tale does soften up when Daniel encounters the angel faith and is told to help Lily and Liam find love in one another.
This book is written very well. There are many twists and turns. The characters are well developed, realistic and likeable. The storyline and plot are clear and concise.
The author, Thomas Joseph Beck, takes readers on a roller coaster of events and feelings.
I couldn’t book the book down and read it in one day.

If you enjoy books that contain action, sex, murder and ultimately love and goodness, then this is the book for you.  
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A Much Younger Man (Tryst Series Book 1) By Mia Fox

It was wrong, but maybe that’s why it felt so right.
We met when Cole tackled the thief who stole my purse. It was raining. I was cold and hurt. Cole rested a hand on my forearm to reassure me. His touch was warm, his voice soft and confident. Neither of us could look away from one another. And then he smiled. For the first time since my cheating ex left me with a mountain of debt, I felt alive and beautiful, again.

Cole’s thick thighs and ripped abs are the source of endless fantasies, but he’s also a gentleman who sheltered me from harm. Not to mention, the thrill of being noticed by a much younger man.

Later that night, I wrote a blog post about my forbidden fantasy. It went viral instantly. Now my boss at the online site where I freelance wants me to see Cole again and to post about the taboo romance that’s captured the attention of thousands of people online.

We’re both consenting adults. Should it matter that Cole’s half my age? Or that I’m doing this to help pay my bills?

Is being with Cole wrong or…oh-so-right

Engaging, sexy and romantic.

This somewhat taboo love story got my full attention from the very first chapter. Then, I couldn’t put it down. Our author, Mia Fox, takes us down a road of an attraction between a woman in her forties and a young man that is much much younger than her. The main character, Kat, struggles with her emotions and feelings about being with such a younger man. But, plenty of men have younger women, so why does this have to be taboo. That was my thinking.

The beginning starts out with flirtation, attraction and excitement between the two of them. Then, we are taken on a ride of strong emotions of various types, along with adventure and action that comes as a surprise. All the while Kat is struggling with various emotions because of  her relationship with Cole and it brings up feelings and things she must overcome. This is a love story and love has no borders, we love who we love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.
The characters are very realistic, likable and well developed. I really like the interaction between the various people, but especially between Kat and Cole. I was drawn into their lives and their struggles. The author weaved the characters into the plot perfectly. The storyline and plot are superbly written, and a lot of forethought obviously went into this story. Author Mia Fox has written a great work of fiction for those who crave something different, and would like a little forbidden love thrown into a great read..
This is a unique story and different than what I have read in quite a while. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It is a smart, fast, and easy read, but not lacking in depth.

If you like a little sexy and slightly taboo read, mixed in with adventure, danger, and all kinds of emotion that will require some tissues, then this is the book for you.


Sorrah (Mirror of Blackmor Book 1) By Madison Thorne Grey

Synopsis Sorrah steps through an enchanted mirror built by her druid ancestors and emerges in the center of a village occupied by rebel forces. Thought to be a spy, she is watched closely and brought before Rohen, the incredibly foreboding, yet, ruggedly handsome leader of the resistance.

Sorrah has spent most of her twenty six years keeping her nose in fiction and herself far away from the crazy aunt who raised her. Everything changes the day she learns that her mother magically traveled through a mirror constructed by druid ancestors, lived in a world called Sorrah, fell in love with a Sorrien man, her father, and conceived a son.

Destined to walk in her mother’s footsteps and determined to rescue her imprisoned brother, Sorrah locates the enchanted mirror, steps through, and emerges in the center of a pond at a village occupied by rebel forces.
Danger surrounds her, yet, she senses a strange oneness with the resistance's leader, Rohen, and the world of Aaru.
She needs to trust her heart where Rohen is concerned, and be stronger than she ever thought possible in order to take her rightful place among the people, and fulfill her destiny as the chosen of the gods.

Magical, captivating, engaging.
Raised by her mother’s close friend, the beautiful Sorrah is no ordinary young woman, she is destined for more than the life most people live. She is unknowingly headed for adventure and a new life within a magical realm called Sorrah, the name her mother named her after. After reading her deceased mother’s journals, she begins to become intrigued and believe that this enchanting land may actually exist.
In her writings her mother instructs Sorrah that she must find the magical mirror, slip into the land of Sorrah and rescue her brother who is imprisoned in the other worldly realm. In the land of Sorrah, she not only finds magic and adventure, but as fate would have it, she finds love as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sorrah. It took me to another world for the couple of days it took me to read it. It is a fantastic fantasy with adventure, magic, war, love and celebration.
It’s smart but easy to read. The story is written well and the plot is exciting, captivating and very meaningful. There are some twists and turns that surprised me and kept me turning the pages. This is the kind of book that throws you right into the story, holds your attention and captivates your imagination.
The characters are all well rounded and developed. The interaction and communication between them is realistic, outstanding and very well written. The descriptions of the beautiful land, Sorrah, are very vivid and beautiful.

This book really intrigued me. It’s not just another fantasy book. It is very meaningful and written with a high standard of literacy. If you love fantasy, romance, adventure and excellent writing, then Sorrah is the book to read.


"Jennifer Brown's Journey" By Angie Langley

The Story....

Five feet one and full of fizz, Jennifer Brown lights up the room. She has a gorgeous partner, a wicked best friend, and a boss who doesn’t mind that she’s the worst typist on the planet. She’s loyal, generous and irredeemably ditzy. Everyone loves Jennifer Brown. But can she learn to love herself?      

When her world caves in, she needs every ounce of her steely core to step back from the abyss and take charge of her life, reinventing herself first as cook and housekeeper to a saucy sexagenarian, then as manager of a tumbledown country estate with sensitive secrets.
Peopled by a battalion of hilarious characters from the caustic, cross-dressing confidant to the besotted ex-boyfriend with a barmy ex-wife, Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a heartwarming, thoughtful, often poignant portrait of the trials of life as a thirty-something woman. Jennifer Brown champions the importance of self-belief, and the value of a bucket-sized glass of wine in a tight spot. And, always in the background, there’s the quiet man with the warm eyes and the velvet vowels.  
What on earth is Jennifer Brown going to do about him?

About the book......

The first in a series of three. Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a story of female self-empowerment and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of challenges that most women will recognise.

Lighthearted and poignant, the story gives readers a very real sense of a woman, initially rather ditzy, maturing into a redoubtable, self-possessed individual who faces her many challenges with developing aplomb.

Touching, cheerful and entertaining
Jennifer Brown is high-spirited and vivacious. She is the life of every party. Everyone loves her personality and her allegiance. She has a gorgeous live in boyfriend, exceptional best friend and a great job with an easy going boss. Life is good for Jennifer, but she still has somewhat of a self esteem problem.

Then when her life falls apart she needs to gain the strength and fortitude to carry on and remake her life. Can she do it? Her self worth and confidence are tested over many times.
She goes from working in the corporate world to being a housekeeper and cook. Then she becomes the manager of an estate. With both jobs, she basically “fakes it until she makes it.”
And she does make it. However, her journey is filled with trials and situations that she has to overcome. She reaches down deep within herself and forges ahead with dutiful strength and resilience. All along the way she manages to stay cheery and a faithful friend to those around her. We follow Jennifer as she transforms herself and comes to know and accept herself. She is a strong, capable woman.
Is there love in the future for Jennifer Brown? That is the question readers will be asking when they read this delightful story?
I loved Jennifer Brown’s Journey by Angie Langley. It is filled with wit and humor.
The characters are eccentric and amusing. They are all well developed and there isn’t too many of them to keep track of. Which made it a lighthearted and fast read. Set in the gorgeous and beautiful English countryside, the descriptions of the surroundings are stunning and vivid - a delight for the reader’s imagination.
The storyline and plot are thoroughly well defined and penned. I couldn’t put the book down. It is charming and engaging. Author, Angie Langley, has written one delightful chick lit story that readers will revel in.
To be continued….there is a second book coming out where we will happily continue to follow “Jennifer Brown’s Journey.”
What people are saying.........
A heartening insightinto the trials of a young woman that will send your chuckle meter off the chart
Funny, entertaining and highly readable
Brilliant, I didn't pause for breath until I reached chapter eleven
Wow! I love this book
To be continued..........


Must Read :"Embracing Hope" By Janell Butler Wojtowicz

Take a poignant look into the broken heart and daily struggles of Christian college dean Drew McKinley. The story chronicles the turbulent first year in his desperate journey to understand God’s motives for the sudden death of his wife and his quest to find hope in his future.

Crossing his perilous path are Allison, a graduate student and new employee in the dean’s office, and Chris, the handsome but egotistical student senate president.

The road Drew must navigate is fraught with career upheaval, a reawakening heart and the struggle for forgiveness and restoration. Will Drew finish his journey to embrace the hope God offers, the love Allison shares and the guidance Chris needs, or will he turn his back on all three with catastrophic consequences?Beautiful, thought provoking and engaging.

Embracing Hope is an affectionate Christian love novel filled with wisdom and insight.
It’s a very powerful and stirring story of the love of God and healing.
It’s a passionate story fraught with real life difficulties and issues.
Right at the beginning we are introduced to the main characters. We get insight into their personalities and lives, which sets us up for an inspiring, touching story..

This book is filled with many emotional upheavals, such as grief, anger, guilt, pain and ultimately, hope and love..
The character development is thoughtful and astute.
The characters Drew, Allison and Chris, are all thoroughly developed and evolved nicely throughout the story. Drew especially has many facets to his character. His heart is broken and he needs healing.

The two main characters, Drew and Allison, cross paths and are joined together through circumstance. Although they appear to be opposites, they are slowly drawn together. Set at a christian university campus, the descriptions are very defined and visual, placing the reader perfectly in the setting.

I found this story to be very believable and realistic. It flows nicely and kept me intensely interested from beginning to end. The plot is very interesting, insightful and touching. It felt like a true story to me. There are some thought provoking twists and turns that keeps it from being predictable. I loved the ending. It left me feeling hopeful and happy. This book especially touched my heart.

The author, Janell Butler Wojtowicz, has a clear unique literary voice. I’m looking forward to reading more novels written by her.
I wholly recommend “Embracing Hope” to all readers that love faith based novels that water the soul.
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Must Read "All of These Things" By Anna De Mattea

Sometimes, good people can do bad things, and Caroline De Andreis is about to learn that the hard way.

A week on the beach is exactly what her cousin and best friend, Sofie, insists she needs. Between Caroline’s full-time job as an accountant, minding her mother’s mental health, and feeling pressured into making her eccentric mother meet her boyfriend’s conventional family, Caroline’s patience is at an end. Leaving responsibilities behind suddenly feels like a good idea to her, too.

In Maine, the days blend into each other as worries of home drift away. Caroline’s inexplicably drawn to a gorgeous artist with a delicious accent, and his penchant for romance goes on to make her already complicated life speedily more intricate. There are consequences to face and tough choices to make, but will she abandon who she was for the woman she’s become, or will Caroline ultimately regret embracing life by the sea? 

Splendid and engaging.
This is a story about Caroline. She is a kind but some what pessimistic young woman that works as an accountant and has to constantly deal with her mother’s mental health issues. She is also extremely pressured and reluctant to have her, off the wall, mother meet her boyfriend’s traditional family. She needs a break from it all. Her upbeat best friend and cousin, Sofie, suggests that Caroline take a short trip to get away from it all. So she decides to leave it all behind for a week on the beach in Maine. Although she completely enjoys her trip at the beach, she now has more complications added to her already complicated life. Caroline now has to sort things out. She has some difficult choices to make.

This novel has it all. It’s witty, charming, dramatic and smart. There are notes of love, joy, sadness and forgiveness.
This is an excellent read. It is written from the point of view of the main character, Caroline.
With tid bits here and there of the thoughts of all the other characters. I absolutely love the way this story is written. It’s original and the author Anna De Mattea has a clear unique and different voice. It’s inspiring, compelling and encouraging tone, kept me feeling good. It is written in a simple enjoyable prose. It flows at a nice pace and held my interest throughout from beginning to end. I loved the telling of the descriptions of the settings. It had me desiring to be on the beach in maine myself. I could almost smell the ocean and feel the sunshine.

I thoroughly enjoyed “All of These Things.: I was pulled in, engaged, and ate up every word.
The characters are all so well thought out and developed and I loved them all. They all seemed very realistic and complemented one another. There is plenty of romance along with strong emotional drama, good and bad. There are welcome surprises along the way. Overall this is a feel good book with a more than happy ending. The book cover is luscious. All of These Things is a true gem.
I wholly recommend it to all chick lit and romance lovers. Pick up a copy for your summer read. You will be glad you did.



To Have and to Hold (The Pastor Maggie Series Book 2) By Barbara Edema


Welcome back, Pastor Maggie! Pastor Maggie, of Loving the Lord Community Church, has settled into her new position and finally gained the trust and respect of her congregation, but they will all be tested when the church comes under attack through a series of malicious break-ins and vandalism.

Maggie tries to hold everyone together and determine if the threat is from an outsider or someone actually sitting in the pews of her church each Sunday.
Can she keep her beautiful church safe? Will she still be able to accomplish the planned mission trip to Ghana if the money from a fundraiser is stolen? While Maggie desperately waits for a whisper from God, she also fears that a major event will be ruined by the well-meaning, very loving members of the church.

How will she maintain her own blossoming romance with tall, dark, and scrumptious Dr. Jack Elliot and support the daily needs of her congregation through life-and-death matters when it all feels one step away from collapsing?
Will they catch the villain before he ruins everything?

"Praise for To Have and to Hold: An enjoyable read. Not a murder mystery but a gentle exploration of relationships, connections and the power—and the mystery—of love. Pastor Maggie is one to watch." ~ G.M. Malliet, award-winning author of the St Just mysteries and the Max Tudor mysteries

Delightful, spiritual and engaging.
This is the second book in the Pastor Maggie” series.
I loved “To Have and To Hold.” Not having read the first book, I was still able to jump right in and follow the plot and discern the characters well. I was drawn right in as I got to know the individuals that are written into this story. I felt I knew them personally and cared for them by the end of the book. They are endearing, unique and quirky. I felt that the author really put a lot of thought into developing the characters and did an excellent job. As the fun and colorful characters are rolled out, you can’t help but to love them. They are all beautifully woven within the story
The plot is  convincing, inspiring and some what suspenseful. It is very realistic. We get a glimpse of the inner workings of a church parish with it’s love and care for others. With plenty of conflicts and emotions the story is especially engaging and exciting. Pastor Maggie and the church go through trials, challenges and triumphs. Filled with blessings as well as oppression and sorrow, we see how people can be in weakness and in strength.

The thread of mystery made this story especially good. Wonderings of who has been lurking about causing trouble and fear, was in the forefront of my mind. I was fully engaged and anxious thinking it through and trying to figure it out. Who has been behind all the mysterious things that are going on? I was held captive in suspense.
The story is filled with emotion and brings up the reader’s own feelings of faith, doubt, fear, joy and more. To Have and To Hold had an impact on my own beliefs and spirituality. I felt my faith being strengthened.
I loved how the unconditional expansive love of God is depicted throughout.. This is a very inspiring read and an exceptional creative literary work written from the heart. “To Have and To Hold” will not disappoint. It’s one of the better reads I have come across in a while.
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